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21 Feb 2011 Former QEII Director receives honour

Former QEII director Dr Brian Molloy receives honour

Former QEII director Dr Brian Molloy has been elected as a Companion of the Royal Society of New Zealand at a special function held by the Society last week in Christchurch.

The title of Companion of the Royal Society of New Zealand recognises outstanding leadership in science, and contributions to the promotion and advancement of science and technology in New Zealand.

QEII Chair Sir Brian Lochore said the title recognises Dr Molloy’s estimable botanical and ecological career.

“Brian has dedicated a lifetime to plant research and conservation in New Zealand.

“He is recognised here and internationally for his in-depth knowledge of our native fauna and his unwavering generosity in sharing that knowledge with others. He is particularly passionate and knowledgeable about high country matters,” he said.

Although retired Dr Molloy continues to work as a botanical and conservation consultant and as a research associate with Landcare Research. He is the South Island High Country field representative for the QEII Trust where he works with landowners to help realise the sustainable management and protection of land that has significant conservation values.

“Brian’s work with New Zealand’s high country landowners is invaluable. The QEII covenants farmers have established with his support protect some of the country’s most significant natural habitats, and geological and cultural features.

Dr Molloy was awarded the Loder Cup in 1990 by the Minister of Conservation in recognition of his outstanding contribution to plant conservation in New Zealand. He has had two native plants named after him, the Cook Strait kowhai (Sophora molloyi in 2001) and the leafless orchid (Molloybas cryptanthus in 2002).

“The Royal Society’s honour is well deserved and further recognizes Brian as one of New Zealand’s iconic conservationists,” Sir Brian Lochore said.

Dr Molloy has served on the Riccarton Bush Trust for the past 36 years. He was a director of the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust from 1989-1998.


For more information: Anne McLean, QEII Communications Advisor, ph 04 472 6618.

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