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QEII National Trust celebrates kiwi releases in covenants

27 May 2013

Press release

The QEII National Trust congratulates Kevin and Gill Adshead on initiating the return of kiwi to South Kaipara after an absence of 50 years.

This weekend five kiwi were released into a 25 ha covenanted area of native bush on Kevin and Gill Adshead’s farm, after several years of intensive pest control work to make the area safe from predators. Further relocations are planned with a goal of introducing 40 birds over the next three years.

The covenant is part of a larger area of native bush and surrounding farmland the Adsheads have set aside to create the Mataia Restoration Project.  They are inspiring their community to get in behind their pest and dog management efforts so that kiwi can once again roam safely in the area.

Last month 14 Northland brown kiwi were released at Marunui, a Northland property bought for conservation purposes in 1987 and protected by a QEII National Trust open space covenant. The re-introduction of kiwi there was the initiative of the shareholding families of the property who have worked together for some 25 years managing the land and implementing an ongoing pest control programme.

Trust CEO Mike Jebson said these initiatives highlight the contribution private landowners make to the conservation of our native biodiversity. 

“Many of our threatened species are found on private land. Their survival relies on the efforts of many landowners like the Adsheads and the Marunui consortium. The Trust is proud to be associated with them and celebrates the huge contribution they are making to conservation in New Zealand,” Mr Jebson said.

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QEII National Trust helps private landowners in New Zealand protect significant natural and cultural features on their land with open space covenants. Currently more than 3,600 covenants are protecting in perpetuity around 120,000 ha of special places on private land.

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