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Landcare Research Sustaining and Restoring Biodiversity

Landcare Research logoQEII is involved in a research partnership with Landcare Research called Sustaining and Restoring Biodiversity, funded by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology.

Outcomes of this initiative:

Establishing mistletoes by hand on host beech trees.

Low public awareness and appreciation are significant barriers to achieving dryland conservation.

The consequences of the reduced number of tui, kereru, bellbirds (korimako) and silvereyes (tauhou) on flower pollination.

There are some simple and helpful words and concepts that make scientific sense that can help to envisage the ecological path ahead.

Developing a framework for identifying and conserving genetic diversity in threatened species such as the kaki (black stilt).

Surveying and quantifying lizard biodiversity associated with dryland ecological communities.

One of our most spectacular and distinctive native plant communities is frequently overlooked, literally.

A summary of the research partnership between QEII and Landcare Research.

The impact of rats on the activities of seabirds and the flow-on effects on ecosystems

Our shingle beaches are highly threatened by urbanisation, weeds, adjacent agriculture and introduced animals.

Monitoring the effectiveness of wetland restoration.

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