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Landcare Research

Research programme: Sustaining and Restoring Biodiversity

QEII is one of the project partners in the Landcare Research programme Sustaining and Restoring Biodiversity with representation by the Chief Executive on the Governance Board.

The research is publicly funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Find out more about outcomes of the research...

Research programme:  Restoring resilience of indigenous forest fragments

A group of researchers from Landcare Research, Waikato, Canterbury and Massey Universities, and AgResearch has been exploring new detail about what happens when forest fragments are fenced against stock and have key pests (ship rats and possums) controlled.

Working in 53 forest patches in the Waikato, the team has measured the state of key ecological processes such as litter decomposition, plant regeneration and invertebrate abundance when fragments have been fenced for varying periods of time, and when pests are controlled.

They have also measured ship rat abundance in fenced and unfenced fragments, tested to see if rats reinvade isolated fragments after rats are eradicated, and measured bird nesting success in and out of pest-managed blocks.

The work started in March 2007; the first scientific papers started emerging in December 2008, and by June 2009 when funding ceases, the team will have developed simple ways for end-users like QEII National Trust, DoC, and Regional and District Councils to use this research to better plan fragment management and administration.

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