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Protecting our precious places

Waitahora Pa, East Coast

Archaeological and cultural site management on the East Coast

The McRae Trust has three QEII covenants protecting 15ha of lowland forest and the Waitahora Pa of Te-O-Tane near Frasertown.

Waitahora Pa was built in the confluence of the Wairoa River and Waitahora Stream with the steep banks providing a natural defence.

A series of trenches and other fortifications were constructed along with several house sites and storage pits.

The locations of these are still clearly visible and well defined.

Together with local iwi and QEII, the McRae Trust is developing a management plan with the objective of improving access and the surroundings for the public while minimising impact at this historic site.

Waitahora Pa

Above: Standing behind the defensive wall at Waitahora Pa with the Wairoa River behind in 2008: Pita Robinson, Wairoa Taiwhenua; Dennis Munro, McRae Trust Chairperson; Malcolm Piper, Gisborne QEII Regional Representative; and Margaret McKee, QEII Chief Executive. Photo: Liz Greenslade

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