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International Year of Biodiversity 2010 and QEII

2010 International Year of Biodiversity

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity which celebrates life on Earth and the value of biodiversity.

Biological diversity - or biodiversity - means the number and variety of all plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms, the genes they contain and the ecosystems on land or in water where they live.

It is estimated New Zealand has more than 80,000 native animals, plants and fungi.

Although we have one of the most diverse areas of biodiversity in the world, we also have one of the highest percentages of threatened species.

QEII covenants help to safeguard New Zealand’s biodiversity by protecting our unique natural heritage in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy.

During the International Year of Biodiversity, we will celebrate the diverse habitats and wildlife protected by covenants and the inspired and dedicated people who work together to protect our rich biodiversity.

Sir Brian Lochore Photo: Tim Hawkins"QEII is uniquely placed to advance the protection in perpetuity of threatened environments on private land. Protecting and enhancing our biodiversity involves us all: landowners, the community and government.

By working together, our generous covenantors and their keen supporters are helping to protect New Zealand's unique natural features forever."

- Sir Brian Lochore, QEII Chairperson


The images in the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity logo reflect aspects of the world’s biodiversity: plants, birds, people, fish and water.

2010 International Year of Biodiversity treeNatural features protected by QEII covenants include forest remnants, wetlands, shrublands, grasslands and threatened species habitats.

Olearia odorata shrubland in Central Otago was protected on Oliverburn Farm in 2009






Olearia odorata covenant Photo: Brian Molloy


2010 International Year of Biodiversity flamingoRare and threatened native species are protected by QEII covenants on private land throughout New Zealand.

Kaharoa Kokako Trust is dedicated to protecting the threatened kokako (Nationally Vulnerable) near Rotorua







Monitoring kokako Photo: Margaret Horner


2010 International Year of Biodiversity adult and childQEII works with so many inspired and passionate people who are creating a legacy for future generations.

Joint effort to protect and restore rare treeland in Tararua







Bram Bush covenant in Tararua Photo: Bill Wallace

2010 International Year of Biodiversity fish and wavesWhen required, covenants are fenced to exclude stock from bush and wetlands. This helps to improve water quality in catchment areas.

The significant Snowdon wetland in Canterbury has been protected for 25 years



Snowdon wetland Photo: Loralee Hyde

For more information, visit the International Year of Biodiversity website or Department of Conservation

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