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Snowdon Wetland

Significant wetland on Snowdon Station protected for 25 years

Two covenants totalling 48ha protect the outstanding Snowdon wetland in the headwaters of the Selwyn River.

The first covenant was put in place by Tony and Nicky Tripp in 1984.

Snowdon wetland Photo: Brian Molloy

Above: At Snowdon, drainage from the surrounding mountains is impeded by glacial moraine and hard greywacke bedrock, forming the wetland.

‘This wetland is very near to what we would call an original ecosystem,’ explained Brian Molloy, QEII High Country Regional Representative.

‘Although modified by introduced plants, it is an excellent example of a natural range of primary wetland plant communities.'

Snowdon wetland Photo: Loralee Hyde

Above: Along with covenantors Nicky and Tony Tripp and Roy Veronese, Brian Molloy described the features of the Snowdon wetland to QEII directors and staff in November 2009.

Snowdon wetland Photo: Loralee Hyde

Above: The covenants protect Carex secta, red tussock, sedge tussock Schoenus pauciflorus, cutty grass C. coriacea, and flaxes and rushes in the wetland and silver tussock and matagouri over exotic grasses in the bordering dryland.

'The covenant has not been grazed for over 20 years,' explained Brian.

'With the sympathetic management by the Tripp family, there is now vigorous and healthy growth of all plant species.’

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