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Protecting our precious places

Gisborne: Fencing a water catchment

On Waingakia Station inland from Ruatoria, Jim White and Alison Pohatu protected a block of primary forest with a 65ha QEII covenant in August 2009.


Waingakia Station Waingakia Station

left: On the southern flanks of Mounts Hikurangi and Aorangi, the Waingakia Station covenant forms a link between Raukumara Forest Park and Aorangiwai Scenic Reserve.

Previously cut-over, the totara, tawa and black beech forest is regenerating well with a good understorey developing.

Deer, cattle, sheep and pigs were threatening the recovery of the vegetation.

To exclude stock and feral animals, 1.7km of fencing was constructed with funding from the Biodiversity Condition Fund, QEII and the landowners.

Retirement of this land will also protect the headwaters of Aorangiwai River, a tributary to the Mata River in the Waiapu Catchment, and will enhance erosion control being undertaken by Jim with the East Coast Forestry Project.

Waingakia Station fence

Above: Recovery of the lowland forest vegetation following the fencing will be monitored during regular visits by Malcolm Piper, the local QEII representative.

Waingakia Station fence

Above: Jim White cleared and laid the line for the 7-wire post and batten fence that now protects the covenant from browsing animals.

Photos: Malcolm Piper

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