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Hanging gates on sloping ground

By Rob Best (Fencing Contractors Association New Zealand)

Something I see occasionally - strainers installed incorrectly on sloping ground where a gate is to be hung. An example of this is shown in figures 1 and 2.

Notice that the strainer has been put in plumb, which has made it difficult to hang the gate parallel to the ground. This leaves the gate almost in contact with the ground at the latch end, needing a log of wood in the resulting gap to make it sheep-proof at the hinge end. Also the bottom gudgeon has been lengthened excessively to try and counter the problem.

figure 1

figure 2 

Figures 3 and 4 show a much better relationship between the gate and strainer.

figure 3

figure 4

The gate is better aligned with the slope of the ground. Gudgeons are adjusted evenly, are much neater and look more professional.

A strainer can be installed on the correct angle simply by standing the gate in the proposed position and driving the strainer parallel to the hinge end of the gate. This is easy to do, but is often overlooked.

From Open Space magazine, issue 82, March 2012.

Article first appeared in FCANZ magazine and is reproduced with FCANZ's permission.


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