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Protecting our precious places

Big Lagoon Southland

Big Lagoon/Southland has a QEII covenant of 31.16 ha over marsh, bog and open water. The catchment for Big Lagoon is protected by a perimeter ditching system which minimizes neighboring catchment runoff from entering the covenant area.

The face of the lagoon's water retaining berm is enhanced for 600 meters with protective wood panels. Not only has Big Lagoon/Southland been restored to it's original water acreage, but the adjacent area has been vegetated with appropriate native plants. A fish ladder facilitates native fish colonists and an abundant population of Short-fin eels are thriving.Over seventy species of native and exotic bird life now are resident and/or visit at Big Lagoon /Southland, including several Australian species.

A predator control program is being administered.

The lagoon has evolved into a major molting site for several species because of it's pollution free water and surface water areas even during the driest summers. The lagoon is once again the second largest fresh water lagoon on the southern coastal plain. The balance of the freehold property of 55.9 ha includes nine fenced and cross fenced sheep paddocks and a four bedroom, two bath home with an attached two car garage and workshop area.

A lockable two bay utility shed is located behind the house.

Pine, gum, and Leyland shelter belts abound.

We are located midway between Invercargill and Riverton.

Family and health circumstances require the current custodians to pass the baton onto those with similar values and passions. If so, this is the place for you.

Flexible terms for the sale exist.

Asking price is $995,000.

Inquires at:

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