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Protecting our precious places

Restoration information

What is ecosourcing and why might you use it?

An alternative approach to restoring native plant communities.

It is possible to recreate forest areas through a carefully planned revegetation programme.

A summary of the main forest revegetation options - assisting natural regeneration, direct seeding, establishing a nurse crop and planting a mixture of quick growing species.

Some pointers for successful revegetation planting.

During the past twenty years, the health of this covenant has been regularly monitored to record the ecological changes.

An insight to some of our native moths dependent on Olearia shrubs.

 Selecting native plants for landscaping, riparian planting, habitat restoration and a wide variety of specialist planting situations is becoming more popular as the benefits of our native plants are understood and appreciated. Use this resource to select the right plants for each purpose in your location?

QEII regional representatives and botanists, Miles Giller and Alice Shanks, provide tips for choosing plants that will give you the best possible results for your covenant.

Mānuka is common throughout New Zealand in lowland and low alpine regions and is found growing in many different habitats. Recent research suggests that there could be quite a number of distinct species of mānuka, each adapted to different conditions...

Discover our great trees from the podocarp family: totara, rimu, kahikatea, matai and miro.

Gorse provides a sheltered environment with just enough space and light to allow native seed to establish and germinate.

Guidance on planning, appropriate species and techniques.

Private landowners are contributing to efforts to restore degraded gullies.

Clean streams, fencing and planting guides.

Information about wetland values, management and restoration.

Monitoring the effectiveness of wetland restoration.

Trevor Thompson, QEII Wairarapa Regional Representative, is actively managing the only Alepis flavida plants known in the lower North Island.

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