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Template letter re tree trim notices for covenants

Covenantors may like to use the following letter template to respond to an electricity company that has issued a tree trim notice for trees that are protected in their covenant.


(Address of electricity company)

Dear (insert contact person name)

Re: Notice to trim trees at (insert property address)

We have received a notice about trimming trees around electricity lines on our property at (insert property address).

I am writing to inform you that the trees in question are protected in perpetuity by an open space covenant established under the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust Act 1977.

Because of the special nature of the protection by open space covenant, the notice to trim trees cannot be issued to us. The works must be carried out by you at your cost. (Regulation 8 of the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003 refers.)

Nothing can be done, including trimming trees, to prejudice the open space values being protected in the covenant without the approval of the National Trust. I will be in contact with the National Trust’s regional representative to get approval to trim the trees and to ensure that any trimming is carried out to their satisfaction.

You may contact me on (insert contact number) to discuss trimming of the trees.

Please confirm in writing that you have received this letter.

Yours sincerely


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